Sunday, October 31, 2010

Finished Corset

As shown in my Let Them Eat Cake post, I've finished my corset. Really, they aren't that hard to make - they just take up a lot of time. I have a lot of November free, so I'm taking orders to make custom corsets for a few Burlesque friends and as gifts.

Here are some photos showing my corset in it's real glory. It doesn't need a wig or bell sleeves to really pop - I believe it's a haute couture piece on it's own.

So, as I said, I'm taking orders. I have patterns for different styles of corsets - Tudor, Edwardian, underbust, etc. Prices would start at $110, and would vary with choice of style, fabric and embellishments. If you're interested - contact me through my production design website (my email is on the homepage under "contact me"). 

Knuckle Duster Chair

How awesome is this chair? I was just searching the net to research for my upcoming theatrical project, and this popped up. I love weird things like this - novelty items. They are always so interesting - especially the reason behind why people make them.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake

Halloween is finally here!!! Except here in Auz they don't really celebrate it. I miss trick-or-treating and having an amazing excuse to dress up. This year I don't have a costume party to attend, but I  have this amazing costume! What a waste. Oh well.

I've finally finished my corset that I made in my corsetry course. I also made a slip, tights, shoes, and a choker to go with it. And then bought a fabulous wig! Man...what a waste of a great costume. I'll just have to store it and wait for next year.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Opening Night of "The Sweetest Thing"

Tonight is the opening night of "The Sweetest Thing." It's been a very long and hard production week, but in the end I think it's looking beautiful. Watch our trailer below.

If you haven't bought tickets yet, you can get them HERE. The show runs until Nov. 21st.

Friday, October 22, 2010

I love my Job

I love my job because it lets me go op shopping ALL THE TIME. Sometimes it's annoying because I know I can't afford clothes for myself and need to get costumes, but when I can afford things for me too - the experience is 1 MILLION times better.

Here are a few new finds for me on my hunts for costumes. Some are even hand-me-downs from a friend who left a bucket full of stuff on my bedroom floor, and I've stolen some clothes for myself and used others for costume bits and pieces.

Black Lace-up heels - $8
I can't WAIT to wear these with my sock garters! What an adorable 40's get-up. The heel on these is perfect for day, and I can even run around in them while doing my hectic job. So simple.

Plain white floaty Blouse - $5
With high waisted shorts or jeans, this blouse is so easy and classy. 

Blue and Pink Blouse - $5
Adorable with jeans or high waisted shorts. Just simple and easy.

80's Ken Done-esque Jumper - $7
I think Ken Done clothes are incredibly daggy, but something attracted me to this "awful" jumper. I just think with the type of work I do where clothes get trashed - this is something I can wear that will still have a bit of personality and yet destroy. At the moment I'm incredibly sick of wearing a tank with jeans because I get paint all over things, but this will camouflage paint.

Fushia Blouse with Asymmetrical button and neck - Free
I just love love LOVE this blouse. It's just so different. The colour is so bright, the buttons are asymmetrical and the collar is so intricate! With jeans, or a high waisted skirt.

Blue Striped Blouse - $6
Adorable! With jeans it will be an easy outfit.

White Dress - $5
An amazing picnic dress. I can't wait to wear this with my black lace up heels, white socks and sock garters.

Boyfriend Blazer - $12
This boyfriend blazer would be great with jeans and a t-shirt, or a simple shift dress. Just another layering piece. You can never go wrong with blazers and beige (except in an apartment).

Baby Blue Summer Dress - Free
My new favourite summer dress. It's so easy just to chuck on, and looks great. I love a cinched in waist - it really suits my body type and shows off my waist. I adore this dress, and I think it adores me too.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

OutsaPop Does it again/The Sweetest Thing

The latest posts on OutsaPop are SO inspiring for 2011. Balmain's DIY fashion friendly show shows amazing studded jackets, ripped tees, faded jeans and paint splatters.  I think my next wish items to create are the amazing studded and safety-pin denim jacket (or leather, whatever I find), paint splatter jeans and American (well, Canadian) faded tee shirt. There is also this amazing heavy metal bow tie - another quick and easy DIY I'm drooling over.


I'm currently designing "The Sweetest Thing" written by Verity Laughton and directed by the amazing Sarah Goodes for B Sharp, Belvoir St. Theatre's Downstairs Theatre. That's the reason why I'm been a bit AWOL lately. It's a beautiful show about sisterly love, the "dependence on initial conditions" and how a small spark can change everything. With a colour scheme of Jaws, a set inspired by chaos invading on order, and lighting so beautiful it will make you weep, I think it's a fantastic show to begin to close B Sharp's season. 

Tickets are available now HERE. The show opens October 29th and runs until November 21st. 


Next week is production week, but after that I'm taking the month off to start moving out and to get a few personal projects done. That means Missing James will pick up a bit more, so I hope you all tune in.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Corsetry Class #2

Today I had my second corsetry class of 3. We started covering our "bones" of the corset with our chosen fabric and trimmings, and then sewed it all together. We even put the eyelets on the back so we can tie it up. Now it's actually looking like something!

All the girls loved my "Marie Antoinette" fabric. Everyone kept commenting on it. And I'm the only one who decided to have some elaborate trimmings with ribbons. My tutor suggested I create a criss-cross pattern instead of flat stripes - the look of the criss-cross is more traditional. Once all the bows are in place, I'll have the perfect Marie Antoinette corset (except it's in the Tudor style cut).

Next week we will be finishing off all the touches. Binding will go around all the edges and the inside seams will be finished properly. More eyelets and bows will be added to the front to keep the straps in place, and the final trimmings will be added. The cording will be put in the back and it'll be ready to wear! Now I just need to find the perfect wig to go with it.

The corset laid flat

The Front

The Back
The Eyelets
The Ribbon Trimming

Inside the Corset. You can see all the boning.