Sunday, October 30, 2011

More Patricia Field

I've been obsessed with Patricia Field ever since I realized she was the wardrobe stylist for Sex and the City. The stuff she does for Sex and the City is SOOOO different to the items she chooses for her store, but they're all awesome. Patricia Field on Bowery in New York is quite alternative and always has great costume ideas. Lately, it's been quite inspirational for my burlesque costumes. Here are more ideas that I'm obsessed with.

This pink spike epaulette would be stunning with my "glam rock" burlesque gig coming up in February for the Vanity Riots EP launch. My costume for that is a hot pink and leopard bustier and tutu, so this glam baby would work beautifully! There is also a double epaulette with a massive gold chain!

I am also obsessed with this white fringe epaulette. It would be perfect for my costume for my Mexico piece that I just did at the last Peel: Rocktober edition.

And for a stunning earring accessory - These feather spray earrings!

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