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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Poison Ivy for the Rose

The amazing Drea Rose Deville requested a custom order from Missing James to feature in the first issue of JYNX Alt Lifestyle Magazine coming out this North American summer. A while back she died her gorgeous locks blood red and was inspired to do a poison ivy shoot, so requested a Missing James take on the Batman Vixen. The result - an underbust long line corset dress with matching pasties in an emerald green Chinese brocade with satin panels, velvet boning channels and sequin vine detailing.

The Chinese brocade was bought from a vintage fabric seller off Etsy to create a one of a kind piece. Carefully, I cut out all the panels of the corset - alternating in brocade and plain emerald satin.

Two layers of thick calico in each panel make the corset really strong and a final satin lining keeps it smooth on the skin. The panels are all cut and ready to be assembled.

The first step of assembly is to sew in the busk. Because the corset is a long line corset dress, I used the longest busk available - only 16 inches! There are an extra 4 inches of hem along the bottom under the busk, but this allows the wearer to sit down. For instructions on how to insert a split busk, review an old post from 2010 - .

A zipper foot makes it easier to sew in the busk.

To make it easier to sew so many layers together, I basted each of the panels so they wouldn't slip and slide while I was making the boning channels.

One all of the panels are sewn together, the boning channels can then be stitched into place.

The corset then begins to take shape:

To be able to tie up the back of the corset, eyelets need to be punched along the back 2 panels for the lacing. I was lucky to have just received my new eyelet punch, so this step of the process was much easier than it has been in the past. 

The corset can now be placed onto a model for a fitting and only a few minor changes had to be made.

After hours of hand finishing the inside seams and sewing on the velvet boning channels, the final sequin details and velvet bias binding could be added to finish the corset.

The finished product!

To top off this gorgeous underbust and make it slightly more modest - a pair of handmade custom pasties to match!

Voila! A burlesque take on the vixen, Poison Ivy.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bella's MBA Costume

The amazing Bella Bee Sweet and I collaborated on her stunning canary yellow costume for the Miss Burlesque Australia Sydney heats and the photos are finally out!! The event was on Friday and supposedly was amazing, but unfortunately I was still on the plane back from Japan. I had made this gorgeous yellow silk under-bust corset for Bella and she finished the rest of her costume with yellow chiffon and lace, and blinged up the whole deal! She looked amazing, and in my opinion, one of the best.

Photo by Nadine Garland

Monday, February 4, 2013

Strut your stuff!

The amazing Monica Strut, head vocalist of the Sydney band, Vanity Riots, asked me to make her a custom rock outfit for their first ever music video that was filmed a couple of months ago (see below). Monica has been incredibly supporting of my work, and I of hers. We've been friends for years and it's great that our passions (costumes, burlesque and music) can colide. I performed at one of her gigs about a year ago as well. Artistic friends always seem to support their artistic friends.

This cute outfit for the star of the show was a collaboration between both of us. I ripped up an old t-shirt and stocked up on every colour of metal stud I could find and created this adorable cute custom denim outfit for this sexy vixen.

This goes to show that Missing James isn't just for showgirls. I have training in design for theatre, so anything goes!

Monica organised this photoshoot. Photos are credited to the stunning photographer, Fiona Grace MacDonald.

return from a foreign land

And so, I'm back!!!!

I had such a fabulous trip in Japan. It was chocker-block full of amazing and exotic experiences that differed each one to the next. Japan is such a friendly country with so much to offer spiritually, traditionally and commercially! I stocked up on amazing kimonos, silk brocades and painted silks for costumes and custom orders, as well as amazing Japanese fashion items for my own crazy wardrobe. I'm currently unpacking and I'm stoked to get started on some costumes!

In other news, Missing James is getting a whole new revamp and is taking all 'off-the-rack' items off the Etsy store and is becoming a completely custom order trade. Any costume or corset design is welcome.

A few brocade silks from Japan will be available for custom orders and single photos of each fabric will be posted on the Facebook Page shortly. Let me know if you're keen on a custom corset in a fabric by commenting below. Prices will start at $300 as the fabric was expensive, and I'll be using only steel boning from now on. 

Hope y'all had an amazing start to 2013! Let the new year finally and truly begin!


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

another year gone by.

Welcome to 2013!!! 

I've just left Australia for Japan and will be spending these first few hours of the new year in Osaka. 

Wishing you all the best for the coming year!