Monday, February 4, 2013

return from a foreign land

And so, I'm back!!!!

I had such a fabulous trip in Japan. It was chocker-block full of amazing and exotic experiences that differed each one to the next. Japan is such a friendly country with so much to offer spiritually, traditionally and commercially! I stocked up on amazing kimonos, silk brocades and painted silks for costumes and custom orders, as well as amazing Japanese fashion items for my own crazy wardrobe. I'm currently unpacking and I'm stoked to get started on some costumes!

In other news, Missing James is getting a whole new revamp and is taking all 'off-the-rack' items off the Etsy store and is becoming a completely custom order trade. Any costume or corset design is welcome.

A few brocade silks from Japan will be available for custom orders and single photos of each fabric will be posted on the Facebook Page shortly. Let me know if you're keen on a custom corset in a fabric by commenting below. Prices will start at $300 as the fabric was expensive, and I'll be using only steel boning from now on. 

Hope y'all had an amazing start to 2013! Let the new year finally and truly begin!


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