Monday, February 20, 2012

break my heart

For the fabulous Valentines day gig, I made a new pair of nipple pasties. Way way back in the archives of this blog is a great DIY post on how to make a pair of nipple pasties. It's been the most popular post on my blog because I made it so easy.

But for this pair I decided to change my technique - mainly because I had no craft foam at home and no time to run to the store. I did my research and found OUCHIES instructions on how to make nipple pasties out of card and fabric. GENIUS! These babies look so much classier and have a better shape to them.

While performing I've noticed that the craft foam doesn't stick as well and is so thick that it gets in the way. I popped a paistie once in a fan dance because the fan ripped it off. These card/fabric pasties don't seem to have that problem.

The problem I did have was that the diamontes fell off - but just paint a layer of clear nail polish on the top and that should stop it. I was just running out of time, and stuff that like is easy to fix (as you can see, I fixed them...yay!) All you need is extra crystals, gem tac and a good pair of hooked tweezers.

I've also found that a combination of double sided tape and spirit gum is the best to keep pasties on. I had a layer of tape on the edges of the hearts and then put spirit gum in the spaces. The tape keeps it stuck while the spirit gum dries, and you feel much more secure.

Hope this new post on nipple pasties has helped. Check out OUCHIES pastie post:

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