Friday, April 6, 2012

15 bloody cm!

My first ever studio photoshoot for burlesque! I'm so very excited. It's with the same photographer who took shots of the 'oh-so-cute' Drea Rose in my Parisian Corset. I'll be modelling along side Drea in my showgirl creations for my burlesque website and Etsy store!

I am so lucky to work in a gorgeous shoe store and I've been allowed to borrow these puppies. The "Chrissa" has a 15cm heel and encrusted in swarovski crystals! Could a show girl ask for more? They'll be perfect along side my Bordellos to add a lot of glam. These Louboutain inspired glamazons are from Panache Bridal Shoes, check out their Facebook HERE. They have some gorgeous designs and not just for brides. A new crystal collection is great for any stage performance and top with a design by Missing James and you're set for the stage! All of their designs are stunning and the bonus of having all white shoes is that they are then dyeable to match any costume you want! Just take them to a great shoe repairer.

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