Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Next project: Custom "Poison Ivy" Corset Dress for Drea Rose

The next custom order on the list is a "Poison Ivy" Corset dress for the darling Drea Rose (who is now unfortunately back in Canada). She wants something very modern, yet sophisticated...and obviously green with vines.

So I've found this stunning 1911 corset pattern that I'll be working off. It's an underbust, so I'll have to modify the pattern to be an overbust, but it's short enough that it'll be a full dress on the tiny Drea and it'll be fully corsetted from the thigh to the bust (as some corset dresses are just corseted around the midsection).

Photos from Bridges of the Body

The Blog "Bridges on the Body" have a step by step guide for this corset pattern. Check it out! You can follow her along in the making of her own 1911 corset dress and every trick of the trade is explained.

I'm so excited to start!!! Now I just need to find some awesome fabric.

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