Monday, April 30, 2012

my dream martini glass

I had the most fabulous shoot with Bob Lang from Model Photographic and my dear Bella Bee Sweet yesterday. We had so much fun getting shots of the classic burlesque cossies and a few implied nudes. Here is a sneak peak with my favourite - THE MARTINI GLASS!! Oh, how I wish I could afford one of these in real life :D

Photography : Model Photographic

Costumes : Missing James by Maple Rose

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Drea Rose eats Cake

More photos from Dream Photography's photo shoot of Missing James Corsets and Costumes
Marie Antoinette Themed

Model: Drea Rose

Also, Check out my Etsy store.
A whole new look with a whole new collection of photos.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Black Cherry, just under a month away!!

Come help me celebrate my Birthday and cheer my little ass on at the BLACK CHERRY burlesque knockout on May 19. The more people screaming my name in pleasure, the more chance I have of winning. And I should win, cause its my birthday!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Let Them Eat Cake

Marie Antoinette has been resurrected from the dead.
Not just her look, but the old cossie as well.

Almost a year ago now I did a Antoinette inspired photoshoot in the rocks.
Those photos were beautiful, but they were difficult to sell stock from.
These new ones are bright and show the costumes in their correct light to make it easier for potential buyers.

Dream Photography took some amazing photos of the beautiful Drea Rose and I in a cute and fun photoshoot with cupcakes and all!!

We each had 3 costume changes, so it was a very full day.

Here are the first of many amazing photographs.

Photos by Dream Photography (Zoran Krizanec)

Shoes from Panache Bridal Shoes

Saturday, April 14, 2012

34B Sin City

Last night was my 'big break' at 34B's Sin City - a night devoted to returning to the golden age of 1960's night clubs in Sydney. I opened the night with a new act to Shirley Bassey's 'Sex' and Sammy Davis Jr.'s version of 'Black Magic', which seamed to go down as a hit. A bit of comedy and a whole lot of sexual grinding! I can feel mystic growing as a performer and it feels good. I'm becoming more confident in stage and I'm creating better and better acts as my experience develops. To top it all off, I found my signature - maple leaf nipple pasties!!! I found packs of different colored foam maple leafs from a craft store a few months back and rocked the red ones last night. Epic. Canadian, and epic.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Black Cherry Burlesque Knock out!!!

On May 19th (my birthday...*cough* *cough*), I'll be performing for my life at the Black Cherry's BURLESQUE KNOCK-OUT!!!!!!

I'll be fighting against the gorgeous Bella Bee Sweet, Mama La Roux and many other gorgeous baby burlesque performers for a spot on the main stage of Black Cherry on July 21st.


If you're in Sydney, come support the birthday girl in her 50s get up for the knockout.

I need your cheers to keep me alive (I'm like Tinkerbell and I need you to believe in me).

So come to BLACK CHERRY on the 19TH OF MAY to support MAPLE ROSE on HER BIRTHDAY in the BURLESQUE KNOCKOUT in 50s style.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!!
Have a fabulous time with family and make sure you eat lots of chocolate.
The paper today said that it's the one day a year we all consume almost our own body weight in chocolate.
I'm sure Halloween would give that statistic a run for its money, but unfortunately they don't have that here in Australia.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

sneak peak #2

Here's another peak from yesterday's shoot with my beautiful fans.
Man, I love feathers.

I'm wearing the newest creation by Missing James in this photo.
My black underbust corset with sequins and beaded fringe with matching black highwaisted fringe undies and a sequin and beaded fringe bra. Whoah. Lots of sequins and beaded fringe.

Fringe Fringe Fringe.

Also in this stunning shot by Sunseeker Photography (David Haworth) are shoes from Panache Bridal Shoes.
These babies, the Chrissa shoe, are 15cm high and covered in crystals, inspired by Louboutin. Panache is not just for brides, they have some stunning designer shoes for a great price.

Make-up by Lauren Natoli

Friday, April 6, 2012

sneak peak

Here are a few sneak peek shots from todays photo shoot.

Sunseeker Photos -David Haworth
Costumes - Missing James by Maple Rose
Models - Drea Rose and Maple Rose
Makeup by Lauren Kate Natoli

15 bloody cm!

My first ever studio photoshoot for burlesque! I'm so very excited. It's with the same photographer who took shots of the 'oh-so-cute' Drea Rose in my Parisian Corset. I'll be modelling along side Drea in my showgirl creations for my burlesque website and Etsy store!

I am so lucky to work in a gorgeous shoe store and I've been allowed to borrow these puppies. The "Chrissa" has a 15cm heel and encrusted in swarovski crystals! Could a show girl ask for more? They'll be perfect along side my Bordellos to add a lot of glam. These Louboutain inspired glamazons are from Panache Bridal Shoes, check out their Facebook HERE. They have some gorgeous designs and not just for brides. A new crystal collection is great for any stage performance and top with a design by Missing James and you're set for the stage! All of their designs are stunning and the bonus of having all white shoes is that they are then dyeable to match any costume you want! Just take them to a great shoe repairer.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Black Magic

I chinsed out. I confess. But it was to save time!!

I bought a simple black underbust corset from Kornelia's Kloset online and embellished it instead of making a corset from scratch. It's only for a costume and does not need to cinch anything, so I think it's fine. It also doesn't look cheap now that I've finished with it. Mwahaha.

Matching bra and undies are in the works.

All for 34B's Sin City next Friday. Who's coming?