Friday, April 2, 2010


A few more birthdays have come and gone, so a few more sweaters were made to expand the line. At my "supplier" the normal cardigan I bought went back up to it's normal price. But a new type of cardigan was on sale: one with pockets. Now, I really love this style of cardi - I wish it was available all the time. It's a lot easier to wear than the other style, and the pockets add a really nice detail. Also, the fabric is much nicer (feels more like real wool than polyester). But the pockets also give a little extra bit to play with.
Unfortunately, I couldn't felt on the pockets - the pattern would go right through and the pocket would be useless. So I decided to bead the pockets to bring the back to the front. A little hint at what is actually going on. I wish I had more supplies here at home - studs and ribbons and such. These pockets could really be rockin'.

I can't believe I just said pockets could be "rockin" but I do like these cardis. The white one especially. It has the style that I was originally going for when this label started, but because of individual tastes I changed it around a bit. But the fushia lotus and the orange koi fish are going to be trademarks of this line.

I hope the recipients love these cardis as much as I do. They're heading overseas, so the line is travelling the world.

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