Friday, March 19, 2010

Cardigans for Gifts

As gifts for a few 22nds and a 21st, I decided to put my talents to the test and make some Missing James cardis (and headbands - post will follow). These girls I was designing for live in Melbourne and have very sophisticated individual styles, so I had to decide carefully what type of motif I would put on the back. They aren't the types of girls that would have a bright pink lotus flower with a bright orange koi fish. So I decided to create very delicate bamboo and blossom motifs with intricate beading that each represent the individual girl's style.

I've decided to use these cardigans for my line. They are resonably inexpensive and incredibly soft. When I get the money I'll look into getting cashmere and merino wool hoodies and cardigans, but for starting out these acrylic cardis are just perfect.

I hope the 3 birthday girls loved their gifts! I've asked for them to send photos for the blog, so a post will be following up shortly.


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