Thursday, March 4, 2010

Clothing Tags

I've printed tags for my sweaters at home. It's so easy to do! You just need to shell in the bucks to get the silk to print on. I bought Ink Jet Printing Silk by Jacquard to print my tags. I just created the image, put it into word, copied it and printed out an A4 page. Easy. Simple.

The only hard part is to keep the silk from fraying once you've cut the tags into individual pieces. I've been using clear nail polish, a trick I learned at ballet for keeping my pointe shoe ribbons from fraying. I can get "no-fray" stuff from Lincraft or a hobby shop, but that's just more money. The clear nail polish works fine, it just creates a scratchy surface, but over time it becomes flexible. And it does the job.

I've been a bit busy making some gifts, but I won't post the projects until I've given them to the respective recipients. There were a few birthdays lately, and it's the perfect way to get my work out and about.

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