Tuesday, March 2, 2010

a flattering comment from the person who means the world to me

The most flattering comment about this new line I'm doing was from my Nan. She was so proud I was able to make something cheap (like a $10 dress) and make it look designer. "You can sell that type of thing, and you're even now looking at designer prices - like seventy to eighty dollars!" She's so adorable.

I wouldn't sell my $10 cardigans for $80 (although my work could cost $60, plus another $10 for materials), but I would sell the cashmere ones for around that price. I need to get around to ordering them, but at the moment I'm a bit short on cash (as I'm heading to Melbourne next week). I'm gonna wait a bit and see what more people think before I spend that kind of dough.

I have a few birthdays coming up and I've ordered a few pairs of boots, so hopefully word goes around quickly. I've also experimented with making my own labels for clothes and shoes (a post will be up soon showing these). I just need to get the iron down, which is alway a big feat.

But what I really enjoy about this project is making. I love making. And I'm glad that, finally, my making is for a good reason, instead of just accumulating stuff.

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