Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Designers at Patricia Field

I get weekly updates from and this week there was a massive surprise! Patricia Field, the wardrobe stylist of Sex and the City, has now included new designers in her NYC store. These include Erickson Beamon, David Dalrymple and Arturo Rios. Below are some of my favourites from the new collections.

Dutchess of Fabulous Headpiece
By Ericson Beamon

Dutchess of Fabulous Lace Mask
By Ericson Beamon

Black Hat with Veil Bow
Handmade by designer Arturo Rios

Power Shoulder Tail Back Dress

Cutout Multitone Breast Plate
Made to Order

Truely Red Sequin "B" Bodysuit
House of Field Designer David Dalrymple

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