Monday, August 8, 2011


Etsy is overflowing with awesome costume wigs and dramatic head pieces for all different styles. I'm now obsessed with them! I really want to learn how to make a wig - only way to do that is to study costume design at some massive opera house. Not many people do it anymore.

These are amazing - check them out and their stores!

Baroque white wig with Pearls - by margueriteatelier

Lady Lilac Art Wig by SweetHayseed

Flower Wig by PPLongstocking

Orange Pheasant and Flower Headpiece by MissGDesignsShop

The Birds Nest Upon her Head by BoringSidney

Unicorn Horn Costume Wig with ears by GimmCat


    I just saw this blog and wanted to say THANKS A TON! I've been rather on and off with my Etsy shop, but was JUST looking through my stats and this lil post here got me a ton of traffic!- so I wanted to thank you xx. I'm starting up again and will have a new slew of wiggery up by May. Come check it out!
    be well miss thing
    Kissy of Marguerite Atelier

  2. Oh Wow!!! Thanks a Million, Kissy!!!! I'm shocked this little comment sent you so much traffic, but I'm glad it helped us both out. Add me to your circle on Etsy: