Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Feather Fans: Australia Post stuffs up again

I was so excited about a week ago. I had ordered a gorgeous pair of white ostrich feather fans for my next burlesque performance. They arrived this morning and like a little kid on Christmas I ripped open the packaging and opened one up. It was absolutely perfect. I even had a little twirl of it. Then, this afternoon I dove into the package again to get both out to start rehearsing and the second one has been mauled by Australia Post!!!! All along the fan "bones" it's broken where the package had been punched. Hopefully the lovely Ebay Seller from China will do something about it - if not I'll have to put my trusty crafty skills to the test to fix it. I hope it works out!!!! A pair of gorgeous white fans would be an amazing investment.

Here's the evidence:

Let us pray for them.


  1. Just to let y'all know - the situation has been saved. The lovely ebay seller is sending me a new right handed fan to replace the one Australia post broke. Please, if you ever want amazing fans for a great price - check out this ebay seller!


  2. Ooohhh how long did they take to get to you from China?

  3. They were very quick with shipping - only took about 3-4 days. But the company I bought them from were so wonderful that they sent me a replacement fan ASAP, so only another 4 days. I highly recommend these merchants for feather fans. They were fantastic!