Sunday, September 4, 2011

Photos from the Peel: Broken Hearts and Empty Wallets

So, on Wednesday night I had the amazing opportunity to grace the stage of the Slide for the first time and join miss Lauren LaRouge at The Peel: Broken Hearts and Empty Wallets. My act was called "Lil' Miss Costume Designer" and I was pretty much just making fun of myself. I had Jane (my mannequin) up onstage with me decked out in the "Circus" costume with even more feathers and I pretended to finish designing the garment. While doing so, my skirt rips and I run in embarrassment to the  back of the stage. It just so happens that my sleeves also fall off and in the end I just think it'll be best to take off all my clothes.

The skit was a hit! Everyone seemed to love it and the music was quite catchy (Goin' Nuts by G-Swing). The only issue was that when I took my shirt off a whole row of beads from my bra scattered all over the stage! The audience thought it was part of the act, mainly because the look of sheer horror on my face would have been hilarious! 

I'm hoping to get my kit off again at the Peel's next show at the end of September. I'm thinking a fan dance?

In the mean time - here are photos from the night (taken by agentdeclan photography )

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