Monday, June 21, 2010

Today's Op-Shop Finds

I'm running low on cash (as usual), but I just HAD to have a visit to my local anglican church op-shop today. I was craving a fix of cheap vintage clothes. This op-shop is fantastic because all the little old ladies donate their old wardrobes to it, and it's dirt cheap! I had an armfull of stuff, but even with the low prices, I just couldn't afford all of it. So here is what I decided to buy:

A 70's red Fedora for $8

60's Gold Shoes for $6

A white lace table cloth for $5
I've been looking for lace fabric to make a long lace skirt, but it's just too expensive to buy new at Lincraft. I'm not spending $18 a metre on it! So This table cloth is perfect, and if I find I need more fabric, there are 2 more tables cloths exactly like this at the shop so I can just buy another.
I will update on this lace skirt project soon.

So that is what I found. I'm thinking I'll have to go back tomorrow to get the things I didn't end up buying. I'll probably stay up all night wishing I bought them.


  1. adore vintage! you bought amazing things!

  2. My whole closet is pretty much vintage, but it's always nice to find some cheap pieces at the local op-shop. I used to live in Toronto and there were some great vintage stores, but here in Australia they're just too expensive.