Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lace Maxi Skirt

I finally got around to finishing my lace maxi skirt and to do a photoshoot with my bunny ears. It's taken a while because of The Schelling Point, but I finally sat down in front of the TV with a few movies and finished sewing the skirt.

It was easy to do. I just bought a second hand lace table cloth from my favourite op shop. I measured my hips and cut the front panel starting from that measurement and v-ed out. The back panels are made up of the same measurements, but halved to create 2 pieces. Then I hand sewed it all together (the fabric was too delicate to sew by machine), made a waist band by folding many many times (I didn't want to cut off any length in case the lace would unravel). Then I threaded a black ribbon through and ta da!

Here are the photos from the shoot.

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