Friday, August 27, 2010

Next DIY project

Here's my next DIY project - after I finished the lace maxi skirt, the leather disc cardigan, the vintage doily cardigan, the blingin' headphones, etc. etc. I've been HORRIBLE! So sorry. My actual job (production design/making 60's dresses) has taken up all my time. But I'm back on the Missing James track.

So, my next project is this AWESOME sweater romper, inspired by Jeno Theo FW 2010 (Image taken from outsapop)

I think it's easily said than done, but you could just buy a big sweater and sew 2 sets of elastic circles in the bottom and sew up a crotch to create the legs. I think it'll be cute. I just wish I wasn't living in Australia where it's already getting warm in August (i.e. middle of "winter"). This outfit would be perfect for a Canadian winter, plus the 2 new coats I just bought on ebay (post will follow when they arrive).

I promise I'll update soon with either a post on new purchases or crafts.

I'm back. I promise.

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