Friday, November 26, 2010

Big Skirt

Here's my Marie Antoinette skirt pinned into position. I'm keeping the front open because I'm short and big skirts just make me look shorter. Then at the back it's all gathered to create the shape of the skirt. I'm just going to attach it to the waistband of the pannier to make life MUCH easier, and then it'll be easy to get on and off. I'll just need to bias tape the bottom because the fabric frays, and I may need to add some extra length because Jane (my model) is shorter than I am (plus I have heals).

I'm a bit lost on whether to keep the back of the skirt bunched, or to pleat it. What do you think? The photos are a bit difficult to see the difference, but the bunching pushes up the back of the skirt creating a big butt. The pleating keeps it a bit flatter to accentuate the hip shape.




  1. Oh WOW! Yes yes yes!!!! Looks so amazing honey! Well done! The skirt just makes all the difference! I love it!

  2. Ya, i think so. Makes it look less like a stripper costume. At the moment the skirt is only pinned into position, so I need to sew it together. Debating how to finish the edges - either bias tape (a shit-load), or just piping the edges. Or leaving it, as it will really only be worn once.

  3. I don't really think you need to finish the edges.. if you do, I think use piping, bias tape would take FOREVER.

  4. I don't think I will. Mainly cause I'm strapped for time and I have to make my tutu.