Thursday, November 18, 2010

H&M Dress

I bought this dress back in April while in Toronto, and while I was there I destroyed the sides of it with my bag. The side seam split and I hand stitched it closed to last me the rest of the trip. Then I bought some ribbon planning to cover up the ugly seam, and it's been sitting in my closet untouched in May. Since my sewing machine is out this week, I thought I'd take 10 minutes and fix this dress. It's a classic and will be very useful in Canada, as it packs up lightly and goes with everything.

The original seam done back in April for a temporary fix

I pinned the ribbon over itself and stitched it along the hemline

I originally wanted the ribbon to go all the way up the side seam, but my sewing machine didn't allow me to sew past the waistline because there was too much fabric and too little "space," so I settled with just sewing the ribbon up the side of the skirt.

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