Thursday, November 18, 2010

Another corset down!

Woohoo! I've made another one, but unfortunately I can't show y'all cause it's a Christmas gift. I don't want the giftee to see it - it's a surprise. But I can tell you it looks stunning! Red satin in a tudor style. But I'm not saying any more! My lips are sealed. *zip*

Here's a sneak peek:

I was amazed at how quickly I made it. All the sewing but the bias tape was done in 3 hours (and that's with a lot of seam picking too)! Then the bias tape itself took 3 hours, but that's because I hand sew it. All I need to do now is put the eyelets on and lace it up, but Father Dearest doesn't have pretty eyelets so I have to go find some myself. I may even find some more of my own tools instead of stealing his (but they are just so handy!). I've got quite a few more corsets to make, but I'm waiting on measurements, busks and steel boning to arrive. Come on postal service!


While I'm waiting, I've got a few more projects to revisit. Remember my leather disc jacket? Well, I still haven't finished it, and it would be perfect for my trip to Canada in a few weeks, but unfortunately I threw out my bag of discs thinking it was the bag of scraps, so now I have to sit and re-cut all the circles so I can stitch them on. Arg! And remember my proposal for a vintage doily sweater? Well, I haven't done that either. So when I head up to the mall to buy my eyelets, I'll buy a sweater to sew onto. There's also a felted sweater for my big sis - she's asked me to make her a cherry blossom sweater. So, there's a lot of DIY-ing going on, and lots of sewing to do. But I'm LOVING it!

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