Saturday, June 11, 2011


First off, I MUST appologise for leaving you all hanging for almost a month. I'm currently SUPER busy working on 5 shows at once!

Currently playing - ROPE, directed by Iain Sinclair at Bondi Pavillion.

Next - A LITTLE ROOM, created and directed by Michelle St. Anne.



Guess what?

I've got my BURLESQUE DEBUT in 2 weeks!
How exciting!

I'll be performing at Miss Sarina del Fuego's Australian Farewell party. It's a "cabaret" style night with french jazz singers, so I'm doing a very "cabaret" themed piece to a sultry Nina Simone number. I'm very excited to get back into my dancing shoes! It's been too long since I've been ON stage - I'm normally stuck behind it! Or behind the camera! I'm finishing my red rose corset off with a few crystals, sparkly beads and a fringe skirt, and I'm making a pair of gloves and a top hat to match.

However, I'm stuck on finding a good pair of cheap Mary Janes. Does anyone know of a great Mary Jane in Australia under $100? I'm quite poor.

Catch me at The Art Lounge on June 23rd!

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