Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Tempest: After the Fact

Tonight I finally got to go see The Tempest, and it was more than what I bargained for. It's an incredible piece of cinematic art - beautiful costumes, beautiful scenery and talented actors.

It was one of the first successful Shakespeare movies I've seen that has embraced the tradition of the stage. It was played as if acted upon a big stage set that was the island. Incredible.

I do have to say I wasn't surprised with the costumes - all of the publicity photos gave them away, and the "island" clothes of Prospera and Miranda were really not that interesting. Helen Mirren looked like she was wearing a limp clam around her neck. And the "comedic" duo of Russell Brand and Alfred Molina looked a bit out of sorts in so much colour. None of the costumes suited the same era, which I found very confusing, strange and almost too mix-matched. But the zippers were unreal!

Caliban was my favourite, played by Djimon Hounsou. The most talented actor of the group - he played the most difficult role. Half man, half "fish". His performance was UNREAL and his make-up was to die for! Burnt flesh coated his body in patterned forms which created a beautiful silhouette that fit the "native" body language of his performance.

And Ariel is a masterpiece of asexuality. Stunning stunning stunning.

I DO recommend you see it ASAP!

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