Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Fabric in the Mail

I have three lots of beautiful chiffon fabric coming in the mail. I'm so excited! They're going to turn into a few more feather trimmed cover-ups to compliment some of my corsets. I've found a GORGEOUS fabric store on Etsy called craftfabric. If you're into sewing I recommend you check it out. It has gorgeous satins, silks, chiffons - whatever dress fabrics you need. And all having very interesting patterns that you won't be able to find anywhere here in Australia - not Lincraft nor Spotlight. The designer patterns are stunning, and don't run out of stock because they have a warehouse in China with loads of it.

I picked up this beautiful blush pink chiffon with a black bow print to create a cover-up for my Tie Dye satin corset. I think the light pink will compliment the browns and creams beautifully.

 I'm debating weather I create a stark contrast and use bright red feathers as the trimming or keep it neutral and use black. 
Any ideas? Please comment!

This fabric is my favourite of the lot - pink kisses! This will be a cover-up for the "soon to be" pink corset and bloomers. It will look STUNNING with all of my pink nipple pasties - especially the sequin ones.

Of course the feather trim will be hot pink - that's a given. But it I have some inclination towards a turquoise trim.
Any thoughts? Please comment.

Last but not least, the mosaic chiffon. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this fabric because it reminds me of art. And it's very similar to the chiffon I had before that I've already made a cover-up out of. All bold colours mixed together - it's very daring. It could compliment any of my corsets because of it's mulit-coloured-ness. 

I'm thinking a light pink feather trim, or a bright red, or a white. 
Any thoughts? Please comment.

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