Sunday, May 1, 2011

Inspiration: Sequin Appliques

Etsy is a great cure for boredom. It's window shopping in your underwear! And everything is there - from fabric to clothes to home decor to notebooks, etc. etc. etc. It's amazing!

I've now been inspired by some AMAZING sequin appliques available on Etsy. The next couple of corsets I do will be glitzed out TO THE MAX. Much more in the spirit of burlesque.

Here are a few listings I'm IN LOVE with.

Red Bead and Sequin Applique from stitchessupplies

4 Black Venise Lace Beaded Applique with Sequins, beaded fringe by ThatPrettyPlace

Indian Sequin Peacock Appliques from FabricsAndTrims

Dark Green Fringed Sequin Appliques (for Pasties!) from Sewmanatee

Vintage Multi Coloured Beaded And Sequin Applique with Fringe by tikonaki

Cotton Candy Lace Applique from MagicalMysteryTuca

Pink Beaded Lace Applique by Sewmanatee

2 Rose Sequin Appliques by SilvermintSupplies

Peach/Gold Applique by MagicalMysteryTuca

Set of Red Venice Applique Roses with Sequins by suhafuha

Olive Applique by MagicalMysteryTuca

Pair of Black Iris Sequin Beaded Star Flower Appliques by Sewmanatee

Black Beaded Microsuede Underbust Corset with Resin Cast Crow Skull by idolatre

Multiple Colours Rhinestone Applique by paviapavia

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