Sunday, May 8, 2011

Think Pink!

I've been obsessed with finding pink appliques and trims on Etsy for my Pink Burlesque costume I'm desinging with a big feather skirt. Very much like the one Nicole Kidman wears in Moulin Rouge. I LOVE that big heart at the bottom of the corset on hers.

Now, I've gone through a few phases of designs for this costume. It started off with having just a big lace and sequin applique down the front with ruffles along the top and bottom, and then progressed to ruffles with a bouquet of fabric flowers, to sequins all down the front, and then it got silly.

Below is my original design with just the applique and ruffles vs. the new design with the pleated fushia ruffles, fabric bows and sequin gauze lace.

Pleated Ruffles by MaryNotMartha

Pink heart and bow lace trim from wholeport

Bugundy lace trim from suhafuha

Millinery Collection fabric flowers from Hennytj

Small Flowers by Hennytj

Pink Sequin Gauze lace from onlyee

This costume piece reminds me so much of an art project i did in highschool. I recreated a photograph I took out of pink petals.


  1. wow :) The red + pink combo is nice :) Great header too!

  2. Thanks, darling. Though the red is supposed to be a hot pink like the ruffled ribbon above. I just don't have that many colours of markers.