Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Red Rose Corset

I've been designing this corset for a while after getting inspired by the AMAZING line of new corsets at Maya Hansen with all of the lace and rosette appliques. My good ol' friend Tim Dennis has been pressuring me to do another photo shoot with him after our success with the Marie Antoinette Photo-shoot. So, this corset is for that project. It'll be "film noir" - sexy, dark and confident. This photo shoot is totally separate to the one I'm doing with Sarina del Fuego. She'll be modeling shots for the Etsy store and publicity. This photo shoot with Tim is more for art purposes.

This corset is an Edwardian style with a more exagerated heart shaped neckline than my normal corsets. It does up at the back and at the moment will since my waist in to 22 inches. Along the top left and bottom right edges of the corset are rosettes and sequin appliques in red and black, including mini aluminum black rosettes to scatter out towards the middle. Here is a listing of red aluminum rosettes similar to mine used in this corset.

I haven't added eyelets yet to the back to fasten it closed, so the photos are of the corset "lying flat" (well, as flat as you can get a boned curved corset).


Red Rosettes from thegildedbee on Etsy


  1. can't wait to see the finished product!!

  2. Thanks, darling! There will be a post as soon as the eyelets are in.

  3. it looks pretty!!

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