Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Debut Tomorrow Night!

So the time has absolutely FLOWN by and my onstage burlesque debut is TOMORROW NIGHT!!!

My costume is slowly coming together, but this is where my nerves go psycho. I haven't really finished making it all! And I kinda need to finish to even choreograph (there's lots of tearing and clothes falling off by themselves). So I'm got 2 full days to figure that out. Throughout today I'm sure to be updating with photos of the costume, so stay tooned.

In the meantime - buy tickets to THE PEEL:: BROKEN HEARTS AND EMPTY WALLETS . More information at THE SLIDE, and you can buy tickets by contacting the venue.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Barbarella Outfit, bitch

Back in the good ol days (and yes, still) I have been obsessed with the 60s sci-fi Barbarella.

I was so obsessed that for my 21st birthday I made a Barbarella outfit to go with my "sluts in space" themed party.

I found this baby on Etsy today and I'm super psyched! Barbarella's back!

And to top it all off - the seller's from Toronto, my home town!

White PVC with luminescent icy blue glowing trim by ArtificeClothing

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Work in Progress

Here's my underwear for my Burlesque routine at The Peel in a few weeks. It's nude to allude to the fact that I'll be topless anyways by the end of the performance, but with pasties. More is needed to be done to the garments - diamontes will be glued to the bra, fringe will be sewn to the back of the undies for a cute Wheels&Dollbaby look, and a corset will be made to match. But here is a sneak peak of the work in progress.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Designers at Patricia Field

I get weekly updates from PatriciaField.com and this week there was a massive surprise! Patricia Field, the wardrobe stylist of Sex and the City, has now included new designers in her NYC store. These include Erickson Beamon, David Dalrymple and Arturo Rios. Below are some of my favourites from the new collections.

Dutchess of Fabulous Headpiece
By Ericson Beamon

Dutchess of Fabulous Lace Mask
By Ericson Beamon

Black Hat with Veil Bow
Handmade by designer Arturo Rios

Power Shoulder Tail Back Dress

Cutout Multitone Breast Plate
Made to Order

Truely Red Sequin "B" Bodysuit
House of Field Designer David Dalrymple

BLOGSPOT - Free Shipping

Just a reminder, if you're an avid reader of this blog and you're dying for a piece by Missing James, use the codeword BLOGSPOT during checkout on my Etsy Store and receive free domestic shipping! New items will be up in the next month or so.

Monday, August 8, 2011


Etsy is overflowing with awesome costume wigs and dramatic head pieces for all different styles. I'm now obsessed with them! I really want to learn how to make a wig - only way to do that is to study costume design at some massive opera house. Not many people do it anymore.

These are amazing - check them out and their stores!

Baroque white wig with Pearls - by margueriteatelier

Lady Lilac Art Wig by SweetHayseed

Flower Wig by PPLongstocking

Orange Pheasant and Flower Headpiece by MissGDesignsShop

The Birds Nest Upon her Head by BoringSidney

Unicorn Horn Costume Wig with ears by GimmCat

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Black "Venetian" Moulin Rouge Dress - Custom Order

After staying up until 3am last night, I finally finished the custom order dress for a black version of Nicole Kidman's Moulin Rouge dress. It's a tudor style corset with a fishtail skirt, bow "bustle" and black crystal beading along the neckline, shoulders and bottom of the corset. Every detail is handfinished, which took over 10 episodes of Ally MacBeal to finish. The girl picked it up today and is incredibly happy with it. It was designed custom for a Venetian Themed Ball - she's wearing a black and silver Venetian mask too.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Custom Order Moulin Rouge Dress

This week I've been busy sewing a custom order gothic dress for a Venetian Themed ball in the style of Nicole Kidman's red dress in Moulin Rouge. I'm using an old Tudor style corset pattern and then a mix of 50's dress patterns to make up the dress. Then the inventing begins - the bustle!

It's in a gorgeous matt black satin with black rope cording around the edges and swarovski crystal beads dangling from the neckline. A thin black lace mask is to accompany the dress.

It's been quite easy to find similar patterns on the internet, but I decided to be a bit creative and make up my own.

AMAZING Nude rhinestone bra set on Etsy

This bra set is the love of my life! mleiladast has the most stunning rhinestone burlesque accessories on Etsy and they are quite resonable! I love the look of the full sparkly cup on the bra and the dotted undies. This is a major inspiration piece for my cossie.

Rhinestone Set by mleiladast

I'm also in love with her shoes!

Cinderella Heel by mleiladast

Rhinestone Wedges by mleiladast

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nude Sparkle Underwear

The beauty of using Jane as a model onstage means that I have more than 1 costume for my burlesque routine! So the pink number in Lil' Miss Costume Designer is for Jane, and I'll be wearing a hot "nude" crystal undie set with an underbust corset.

Below are some influences:

Alex Perry


Halle Berry in Marchesa

Miu Miu corset T-shirt

Jimmy Choo Sandals


Fairy Goth Mother

Fairy Goth Mother

Red Snapper for Movie Starr

Christina Aguilera Burlesque Costume

Movie Starr Burlesque Costumes - Nipple Pasty

Costume Kath

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Burlesque photography on Etsy

I've been searching corsets for inspiration, and there have just been way too many inspiring photographs that I had to share.