Monday, August 20, 2012

Missing James and Philippa Gregory

Recently I was designing a show at the New Theatre in Newtown (Entertaining Mr. Sloane), and the stage manager turned out to be a window dresser. To my surprise, she was incredibly interested in production design and asked to help out with the dressing of the set. I was so glad to have an extra set of hands and we hit it off.

A few weeks later she researched Missing James and found all the gorgeous costumes that are custom made. She contacted me and asked if I would be interested in helping her find costumes for the window dressing for Philippa Gregory's new book, The Kingmaker's Daugter, in the Dymocks on George Street. I was ecstatic! The opportunity to create and then get free advertising on George, win!

So, with my help, the window is now up. Missing James designed all the costumes but also made the Queen's. The gown is a sage brocade with a gold underlay and an adorable green velvet cape drapes over her shoulders. I feels so regal.

If you've popped onto this blog because you saw my work on George Street, please also find me on Facebook and Etsy. The links are in the column on the right.

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