Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What's Next?

So, I guess some of you are wondering what's next on the cards for Miss Maple Rose and her designs? Well, next week on August 29th, Miss Maple will be headlining the Queen of Diamond's Edition of THE PEEL, debuting her new ELIZABETH I act.

Yes, that's right, the little red headed rocket will be impersonating the most famous red head in history, THE VIRGIN QUEEN.

The dress is going to be an act in itself - a modern take on the Elizabethan wide skirt and carrying a tea pot and cup.  Beautiful sequin black silk will adorn the bodice and thick red velvet will make up the skirt. These glamourous garments will slowly be peeled off to reveal the woman underneath.

So come down to the Slide Bar on August 29th for  yet another PEEL!!! Tickets only $10 and available from the Slide Bar Website...

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