Thursday, November 29, 2012

ruffle my bum

Today I spent the day sewing a cute pair of ruffle undies for a client. I thought this would be a fun little project to share as the final result are adorable yet modest, and quite easy to make.

For this specific project I modified the Colleterie's pattern of these adorable bloomers. Go to the website below to download this easy pattern.

I've used this pattern a few times for costumes, but this pair called for something shorter and sitting higher on the waist. I used tracing paper to drafted a new pattern with these specifications.

Then I cut the pattern out of red satin.

To stop the fabric from fraying during the sewing process and wear, all edges of each piece were overlocked.

I then placed both A pieces together and both B pieces (with wrong sides out) and ran the front and pack seams of the undies to create a front half and a back half.

I then attached the front to the back by creating a crotch seam and the side seams. Again, making sure wrong sides are facing out.

Now after only a few easy steps - I've made a pair of shorts!

To create the bloomers, a hem along the top and leg seams was made large enough for the elastic to be pulled through to scrunch up the fabric. I made sure to leave a gap in the seam so you can pull through the elastic.

To create the ruffles, I cut stripes of black fabric and sewed them together to create a really long strip, almost 2m long! Folding it in half, I ran a seam along the long edge to create a tube and then turned it inside out. This process took a while and was a little bit frustrating - but a good TV show always makes it a little bit easier.

Then, I sewed along the middle of the tube in large stitches and pull to scrunch up the fabric. I pinned the ruffles onto the undies while doing this to save time and to find out how much tubing I needed to go around.

I hand stitched all the ruffling down and added a second strip. You could do this on the machine if you wanted to save time - but I don't like how a sewing machine flattens the ruffles in this process.

To finish the panties I pulled the elastic through the waistband and the legs and VOILA!

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