Friday, October 22, 2010

I love my Job

I love my job because it lets me go op shopping ALL THE TIME. Sometimes it's annoying because I know I can't afford clothes for myself and need to get costumes, but when I can afford things for me too - the experience is 1 MILLION times better.

Here are a few new finds for me on my hunts for costumes. Some are even hand-me-downs from a friend who left a bucket full of stuff on my bedroom floor, and I've stolen some clothes for myself and used others for costume bits and pieces.

Black Lace-up heels - $8
I can't WAIT to wear these with my sock garters! What an adorable 40's get-up. The heel on these is perfect for day, and I can even run around in them while doing my hectic job. So simple.

Plain white floaty Blouse - $5
With high waisted shorts or jeans, this blouse is so easy and classy. 

Blue and Pink Blouse - $5
Adorable with jeans or high waisted shorts. Just simple and easy.

80's Ken Done-esque Jumper - $7
I think Ken Done clothes are incredibly daggy, but something attracted me to this "awful" jumper. I just think with the type of work I do where clothes get trashed - this is something I can wear that will still have a bit of personality and yet destroy. At the moment I'm incredibly sick of wearing a tank with jeans because I get paint all over things, but this will camouflage paint.

Fushia Blouse with Asymmetrical button and neck - Free
I just love love LOVE this blouse. It's just so different. The colour is so bright, the buttons are asymmetrical and the collar is so intricate! With jeans, or a high waisted skirt.

Blue Striped Blouse - $6
Adorable! With jeans it will be an easy outfit.

White Dress - $5
An amazing picnic dress. I can't wait to wear this with my black lace up heels, white socks and sock garters.

Boyfriend Blazer - $12
This boyfriend blazer would be great with jeans and a t-shirt, or a simple shift dress. Just another layering piece. You can never go wrong with blazers and beige (except in an apartment).

Baby Blue Summer Dress - Free
My new favourite summer dress. It's so easy just to chuck on, and looks great. I love a cinched in waist - it really suits my body type and shows off my waist. I adore this dress, and I think it adores me too.

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