Thursday, October 21, 2010

OutsaPop Does it again/The Sweetest Thing

The latest posts on OutsaPop are SO inspiring for 2011. Balmain's DIY fashion friendly show shows amazing studded jackets, ripped tees, faded jeans and paint splatters.  I think my next wish items to create are the amazing studded and safety-pin denim jacket (or leather, whatever I find), paint splatter jeans and American (well, Canadian) faded tee shirt. There is also this amazing heavy metal bow tie - another quick and easy DIY I'm drooling over.


I'm currently designing "The Sweetest Thing" written by Verity Laughton and directed by the amazing Sarah Goodes for B Sharp, Belvoir St. Theatre's Downstairs Theatre. That's the reason why I'm been a bit AWOL lately. It's a beautiful show about sisterly love, the "dependence on initial conditions" and how a small spark can change everything. With a colour scheme of Jaws, a set inspired by chaos invading on order, and lighting so beautiful it will make you weep, I think it's a fantastic show to begin to close B Sharp's season. 

Tickets are available now HERE. The show opens October 29th and runs until November 21st. 


Next week is production week, but after that I'm taking the month off to start moving out and to get a few personal projects done. That means Missing James will pick up a bit more, so I hope you all tune in.

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