Sunday, October 3, 2010

Corsetry Class #2

Today I had my second corsetry class of 3. We started covering our "bones" of the corset with our chosen fabric and trimmings, and then sewed it all together. We even put the eyelets on the back so we can tie it up. Now it's actually looking like something!

All the girls loved my "Marie Antoinette" fabric. Everyone kept commenting on it. And I'm the only one who decided to have some elaborate trimmings with ribbons. My tutor suggested I create a criss-cross pattern instead of flat stripes - the look of the criss-cross is more traditional. Once all the bows are in place, I'll have the perfect Marie Antoinette corset (except it's in the Tudor style cut).

Next week we will be finishing off all the touches. Binding will go around all the edges and the inside seams will be finished properly. More eyelets and bows will be added to the front to keep the straps in place, and the final trimmings will be added. The cording will be put in the back and it'll be ready to wear! Now I just need to find the perfect wig to go with it.

The corset laid flat

The Front

The Back
The Eyelets
The Ribbon Trimming

Inside the Corset. You can see all the boning.


  1. The corset looks amazing - great work!

  2. Thanks! I can't wait until it's all finished and I've got my Marie Antoinette wig to pull off the whole look.