Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cherry Blossoms

So, I started the sweater prototype to see how well the felt would applique onto a thinner fabric. It worked brilliantly! The only thing is that my prototype is a cheap $10 cardigan, and I'm planning on ordering in Cashmere/Merino hoodies to applique on. But, to try it out, I'd rather spend only $10.

I decided to do a cherry blossom motif, as stated in my previous post. The only major problem was that I didn't have the colour wool I wanted for the pink petals, and I had to go to Lincraft to stalk up once more. As always, Lincraft was a dissapointment and didn't have any more felting wools - so I bought a mohair/alpaca blend of pink knitting wool instead. I was a bit worried about using it because it was in "string" form instead of lump of wool, but it worked pretty well. It was actually quite nice to have the different textures of the knitting wool and the felting wool mixed together.
The middle of the cherry blossom has a yellow centre with light pink petals. Darker pink was added to make it look more like a cherry blossom instead of a kid's drawing of a flower, and soon I'll add some black beads to add more detail.

What I find really interesting is the final product that ends up on the inside of the sweater. A muffled motif appears instead of the crisp petal shapes that happen on the outside. It's very beautiful, and I'm wondering if I could ever use it somewhere.

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