Monday, February 15, 2010


Lincraft is a horrible place to shop. I bought my first felting tools from there because it was handy and easy. However, I spent a fortune! The yarn was cheap, but the needles!! Wow! $35 for a 5 prong needle and $15 for spare needles in a pack of 5. That's just ridiculous. Luckily, I found a FANTASTIC supplier on the website. It's called Winterwood Toys. Situated in Park Orchards, VIC, they deliver for really cheap and have fantastic, wood tools and amazing needles. For 4 prong needle, it was only $12, for a pack of 10 needles it was $15 and for a single needle holder it was $5. Just amazing. Just look at the difference between the well made wood tools from Winterwood and the crappy, plastic one from Lincraft:

Thank you, Winterwood, for stalking me with fantastic tools. Once I run out of wool, I'll even be going to these guys for stock. They have an amazing range of 100% pure new wool felt that is hand died and commercially died in fantastic, bright colours.

Winterwood's website is amazing. Just click this link:

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