Thursday, February 11, 2010


Missing James is a label that customizes clothing with dry felted motifs. At the moment it's in its very early stages of development, but soon we'll have finished the prototypes and move onto something bigger and better.

The idea is to customize Ugg Boots, cardigans, canvas carry bags, pillows, etc., with one of a kind designs using a dry felting technique. This techniques creates an organic, fluffy motif that's different then what you'd normally achieve by embroidery or printing. Starting with eastern tattoo art influences, slowly Missing James will branch out.

Even special orders can be done! So if you want, say, a specific letter, or a specific image on an Ugg Boot, Missing James will do it for you!

The first prototype is in the works. A pair of blue Cardy Ugg Boots are being felted with a lily and koi fish pattern. Each boot has the same image facing into each other.

Here are some pics of the process, but don't be getting any ideas!!

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