Friday, July 9, 2010

The best type of pet

I seem to have accumulated a lovely collection of animal jewelry. They're great pets. They don't make noise, or poo. They don't run away either. And they sparkle, that's always a plus.

People who know know that I swear that i started the owl necklace trend. The silver owl in the top left corner is a vintage piece I bought in 2006. The next summer, Billabong had owl necklaces throughout their shops. I did it! I know I did. My other owl necklace is from Turkey. My Mom brought it back for me from her trip last year. Some of those coins are real Romanian coins. You'll see owls like this in stores in Australia, but I doubt they have real Romanian coins.

My little turtle was my first broach ever. He was my Grandma DJ's. And my little Teddy was given to me by my God Mother. That's amber in his belly. He used to have emerald eyes, but they fell out in the jewelry box over time.

My spider and my shrimp are from a little shop in Melbourne, the crocodile was $10 from Colette Accessories (rival to Stylust...whoops), and the little gecko is from my ex-boyfriend and is a copy of a Cartier piece (he bought it in China).

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