Saturday, July 10, 2010

My list of Fashion Faux-pas

This might end up as a very controversial post, and I may even get a few blog-haters because of it. But I just wanted to share with y'all my list of fashion faux-pas that bug me...they pinch and twitch and crawl and squirm and I just don't like it. They bug me. Period.

1. Leggings. No one wants to see your camel toe. Cover up, and at least wear tight jeans.

2. Jeggings. Tight jeans does not mean jeggings. Jeggings are an even more unflattering version of leggings. Really, just buy really tight jeans that are really jeans.

3. Boots with more than one access, I.e. a combat boot that laces up, but also has a zipper. Are you too lazy to untie your boot so you need a zipper? I don't get it.

4. Ugg boots outside, especially in the snow. They are slippers! They're not designed to be worn everyday outside. They give you horrible structure and make you shuffle. Also, they're not waterproof and rot if they get wet. Really, the only time you can get away with Ugg boots is when it's below 0 degrees in AUSTRALIA and you've just gone for a surf.

5. Flats that don't fit over your foot. Why wear a pair of shoes that don't fit? They make you shuffle and have bad posture.

6. Flip flops in the winter. It's cold! Cover your feet.

7. Leotards. Now, this may be the controversial thing, but leotards are not flattering. Well, they may be flattering if you're a twig and have a flat stomach, but if there is a bulge anywhere, no way. Just wear a t-shirt, it's the same idea and covers you up. And we all don't want you to walk around flashing all of your Lady Gaga, so a skirt over your leotard and tights is always a modest touch.

8. Fake eye glasses. Why wear glasses at the time of your life when you don't need them? They are cute, but you'll have to wear glasses for 50 years once you turn 30, so savour your good eyesight now! And you can get cute glasses when you really need them.

9. Fake leather bags. This is just a personal pet peeve, but I really don't like fake leather bags. There are great real leather bags that are affordable, just hunt them down. Pleather also feels funny, and the word sounds funny too. Heehee...Pleather.

10. Unoriginal style. Why copy everyone else? Try something different. It's amazing how many groups of girls that I see where I can't distinguish between any of them. There are heaps of looks out there. Don't just take your style advice from the popular stores in your area. And if you want to try to look like you're wearing vintage, at least buy real vintage/op shop. Not some re-make of a 90s dress from Sportsgirl that you could just as easily find in an op-shop for $5.

11. Bad manners. Whatever happened to good manners? "Please" and "Thank you"s are always nice, and answering the question "how are you?" makes everyone's life a little bit sweeter. Plus, it's always fashion-forward to be polite.

I apologize if I offended anyone, but I really needed to vent. But I'm not the only one who thinks these things - just read all the good fashion blogs out there and you'll get my drift. Go Fug Yourself is a good one to catch up on what's popular but shouldn't be. They had a great spread about Lindsay Lohan and all of her leggings. Unfortunately they haven't written anything yet about her going to jail, or her "fuck u" nailpolish. Lindsay always did have nice shoes, though.


  1. oh my goodness, numbers 10 and 11 could not be more true. it's so silly when someone looks exactly like so-&-so and thinks, somehow, no one will know...and i am embarrassed for those people of whom have no manners.

  2. Alecto, you're amazing. I'm so glad someone agreed with me and didn't get angry at my post.