Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Half Price Sale at my Favourite Op Shop

Today was my lucky day. It was the Half Price sale at my favourite Op Shop in Cronulla. I'd been eying a few pieces in the store for some time and I finally had a reason to buy them. They were all HALF PRICE!

Angora Sweater with Mink Detailing - $8

Purple Sequin top - $6
Matching Sequin skirt - $5 (But it's going to be ebayed - the waist is WAY too big)

Floral Top - $5
Black and Gold Woven Handbag - $4

90s Black Evening dress with Fur Cuffs - $4
Sequin Evening Clutch - $2

The evening dress is a bit big, so I'm taking it in.
It's the perfect 90s remake of a 60's style dress. I'm going to wear it to one of the Mad Men galas for "The Schelling Point." I've got around 6 different outfits I can wear to the Mad Men galas, but I've been dying for an evening dress with fur cuffs my whole life.

Hope Y'all enjoyed my finds! There will be a post soon about the make-over of that horendous phone in "Wiggle Dress and Turn Dial Phones."

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