Wednesday, July 7, 2010

DIY at Stylust

There are some great DIY ideas at Stylust at the moment. Zipper necklaces, felt hair clips, ribbon earrings, zipper bracelets, chain necklaces, fascinators, etc. etc.

Two items that I bought the other day would be so easy to make yourself, but I've been too busy with "The Schelling Point" that I just bought them instead. Also, it means I have more stuff to wear to work that I don't have to take off unwillingly at the end of the day.

First off, a felt beaded hair clip:

Really, this would be incredibly easy to make. All you'd need is some black felt, a pushy hair clip, some beads and some chain. Cut out two identical shapes of felt. Decorate one piece with whatever you like. Then, on the other side, glue part of the hair clip to the felt so that you can still push it open to place in your hair. Then sew the other piece on, and cut a slit where the pushy piece of the hair clip can slide through. Then you can just push open your hair clip, slide it into your hair, and leave it! We have all different types at the store at the moment - big and small. And it's such an interesting idea! If you hate fascinators (like myself) these things are a perfect replacement.

Item number two are some ribbon earrings:

Cut two circles out of felt. Outline the edges with some ribbon. Glue on beads, diamontes, etc. in the centre, and then glue on an earring backing. Voila! A simple pair of earrings.

Thinking about it - I probably just should've made these items. Oh well.

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