Monday, July 26, 2010

Caringbah Markets

Yesterday morning, bright and early at 5am, I woke up to join my friend Erin in selling a few old clothes at Caringbah Markets. I sold a few things - a pair of boots and two bags - but I didn't do as well as I hoped. I did, however, buy quite a bit, which meant that I broke even by the end of the day. I say it's the perfect way to shop :D. The markets are fantastic, lots of vintage clothing and lots of crockery. I was able to find a side table with drawers for "Schelling Point" that I can paint, and had my eye on a gold phone until it sold under my nose.

A group of us were manning the stall, and we ended up just buying things off each other! How funny. Here are the great finds I grabbed off the girls:

A bright red sweater and a cream turtleneck blouse

A bright blue blouse and a blue plaid pencil skirt

An adorable aqua dress and some white 60's beads

Those little items are awesome, but the BEST find of the day was this AWESOME pilot's jumpsuit for $15!! I was so excited when I saw it (ask Erin) and the lady I bought it from thought I was psycho! She asked, "now what are you going to do with that?" and I said, "Wear it!" The look on her face would baffle a dog (I just made up that saying). It was quite funny.

I'm thinking of going as Slim Picken's to the opening of "The Schelling Point" (it's about the making of Dr. Strangelove), but why give up an amazing opportunity to get all dolled up like Joan or Betty from Mad Men?


Unrelated to the markets, my most recent purchase is this amazing Cue dress. I've had my eye on it since the Winter '10 collection came out, but it was just too darn expensive for my tastes. But then the whole recession kicked retail's butt and it came down in price. I ran to my Miranda store to find that it had sold out! I was shocked! I didn't think Shire girls would wear this type of thing. And the girl wasn't much help, she just said, "Sorry" and turned away after making some comment about my boots being awesome. I emailed Cue's information, desperate. I even called my friend and asked if her friend still worked at Cue. No go. The girl left the store years ago. However, my friend did check the stores in the city and they didn't have the dress in my size but they were able to track one down at Myer Hurstville. I called and put one on hold straight away - I wasn't letting it go again. And then I heard back from Cue's information and they had tracked it down for me too, and I had to tell them that they're customer service was just awesome (except for Miranda's store)! Today I went and picked it up. It's gorgeous. I'm so happy. And it was MASSIVELY on sale. $90.98 down from $329.00. (Said in Maid Marianne voice) "Oh, I'm so happy!"

P.S. Thank you, Jane, for modelling.


  1. i love that red jumper! x

  2. oh my my your blog is a bit on the lovely side of things!
    i enjoy your gazing at the pretty pictures ever so much.

  3. Oh thank you so much! It means a lot to get comments as lovely as yours.

    My friend was desperate to get rid of that red jumper. It was quite funny, so I just snatched it off her! It's the perfect size. I'm a collector of big cardigans and sweaters, I love them so much, but this one isn't as big and fits perfectly under jackets. It's really the perfect sweater.