Sunday, January 9, 2011

Back from the Great White North

I'm back! And with a vengeance!
My trip to Canada was fantastic! I started by working closely with the artistic director of "The Nutcracker" (a school show that I used to dance in when in school for 11 years) in rehearsals and changing the design. I pushed my way into the Dads' club with the set and worked backstage as the assistant stage manager. It was amazing! The oldest girls hardly remembered who I was, as they were 12 when I danced my last Nutcracker. They remember me only as the Sugar Plum Fairy with the fake bun (I had short short hair when I was 17).

I then headed to Calgary to spend Christmas with my sister and her darling young family. It was so wonderful to play Santa and see the grins on those tiny faces. It was incredibly meaningful to me and to my neice and nephews that I spent that time with them. It was so hard to leave, but I then headed back to Toronto.

For New Years, my dear friend Claire organized a group of us to to to the Thompson Hotel. Boy, was it snazzy. I have to admit that most of the night is a bit fuzzy, but I had a marvelous time!

I visited my old haunts and fell right back into my life in Toronto. I do miss it. And I really miss the cold and the snow (yes, I do admit it). It's just what I grew up with, and it feels incredibly comfortable for me.  I went to the Textile Museum (a post will follow about the amazing artist Kai Chan and his string masterpieces) and the Royal Ontario Museum (The ROM, which was INCREDIBLY disappointing).  Lots of shopping was done and I even went to a hockey game. I'm now one NHL nut! Go Maple Leafs!!! (last game 9 - 3 versus Atlanta - a beating!)

Now I'm back in Sydney. This week I'm moving out (once my bed arrives), and I'm looking for a part time job. I'll continue making corsets and selling them, and I have the opportunity for a show coming up in May. Life is a bit in limbo, but I'm sure it will get back on track soon.

But it's good to have my own bed. For now.

Photos of King Street on a Sunny, but icy day

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