Monday, January 10, 2011

Leigh Bowery

When I first arrived in Toronto, I was incredibly jetlagged. So while I stayed at my friend Geoff's house, he went out to go party and I stayed at home and watched Fashion Television. On the program "From the Vault" was archived footage of an interview with Leigh Bowery. Being an 80s baby, I had never heard of the guy. But, as it turns out, he's one of the most influential fashion icons every. Alexander McQueen even used him as the sole inspiration for his FW09 show.

Leigh Bowery (1961-1994) was an Australian performance artist, costume designer, club promoter, actor, pop star, and London scene socialite. His signature style is otherworldly, avant garde, even garish, with a hint of grotesque. He was living art.

I was so amazed by his interview and by his looks that I just HAD to research him to get inspiration for costume designs. They are so creative and elaborate.

Here's a snippit of his wardrobe and outrageous costumes. Click on the photo to go to the original site.

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