Monday, January 10, 2011

Canadian Purchases

I tried to be as Canadian as possible while in Toronto. I had a Tim Hortons coffee and bagel almost everyday, ate loads of poutine, drank Canadian beer, went to a hockey, played hockey, etc. etc. It's great to get back to my Canadian roots, and most of my purchases were along those lines. I bought a deer sweater, 2 lumberjack flannies, a pair of moccasins, red rain boots, and my sister even gave me a new pair of Alberta cowboy boots. Also in the pile of purchases are a pair of chunky heels (I needed a pair of shoes to go out in the winter snow) and an H&M 60's dress. A fantastic necklace was also bought, but I'm going to write a post on that later with "arty" photos.

Enjoy searching through my finds. I know I had fun searching for them myself.



A few months ago I headed to Melbourne to visit my dear friend Meg, and she took me to a fantastic store called Madame Virtue. There, I found the most amazing Italian dress by the brand Albino. The original price tag was $700! There was no way I was gonna buy it at that price. But guess what? It was on sale for $100! I had to get it, so it was my New Years Dress.

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