Tuesday, January 11, 2011

That is SO 80s

I'm obsessed with this book of photographs by Patrick McMullan. So 80s is a 'photographic diary of a decade' and is FULL of inspiration and amazing photos. People like Anna Nicole Smith, Madonnna, Betsey Johnson, Patricia Field, Debby Harry, and much more are represented in this photo collection from parties and events. Some are even dirty and disgusting, and remind me of the type of facebook photos we all regret the day after. I highly recommend y'all take a look at this book. Everything that they're wearing is now in high fashion, and its' great inspiration to make interesting outfits.

Desmond Caddgan at Area (3/10/1984), Guest at Peri Lister's Birthday Party at the Cat Club (10/04/1984), Club Boy at the Palladium (1985), "Bat Boy" at the Pyramid Club, (20/05/1984)

Stephen Saban and Ellen Kinnally with friends at Danceteria, December 1983

Andrea Bouzwa at the Cat Club (20/08/1985), Peter Quendo and Miriam Bendahan at the XTC Party at the Sensory Evolution Gallery (20/08/1985), Martin Burgone and Maripol at the John "Jellybean" Benitez Party at Private Eyes (29/09/1985)

Linda Lust and Tommy Gun at Area, July 1984

James St. James as Leigh Bowery, 1986

Perri Lister at the Milk Bar, November 1985

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this cute polka dot outfit. I think it's one for the sewing table.

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