Friday, January 14, 2011

Pattern Magic

I know I've been a bit obsessed with books recently. But I LOVE books! There is a book on absolutely everything, and they are so interesting. I love having a large collection - sometimes I forget what I have, but that just makes it so much more surprising when I find the the book again!

My newest purchase is a stunning pattern book called "Pattern Magic" by Tomoko Nakamichi. It's a japanese pattern book on how to create garments with sculptural elements to them. Taking inspiration from nature, from geometric shapes and from the street, this book harnesses the sheer joy of making and sculpting clothes. 

There is also a "Pattern Magic 2", which I just pre-ordered. These garments are absolutely gorgeous and the patterns will come in handy with costumes. You never know when you need something sculptural to make a statement on stage! Or on the street!!


  1. Absolutely glorious. Please post a review once you've had a good read of it

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  3. can you plz tell ,from where i can buy this book...i m from india, n i have never seen such a book. my email id is