Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Tempest: After the Fact

Tonight I finally got to go see The Tempest, and it was more than what I bargained for. It's an incredible piece of cinematic art - beautiful costumes, beautiful scenery and talented actors.

It was one of the first successful Shakespeare movies I've seen that has embraced the tradition of the stage. It was played as if acted upon a big stage set that was the island. Incredible.

I do have to say I wasn't surprised with the costumes - all of the publicity photos gave them away, and the "island" clothes of Prospera and Miranda were really not that interesting. Helen Mirren looked like she was wearing a limp clam around her neck. And the "comedic" duo of Russell Brand and Alfred Molina looked a bit out of sorts in so much colour. None of the costumes suited the same era, which I found very confusing, strange and almost too mix-matched. But the zippers were unreal!

Caliban was my favourite, played by Djimon Hounsou. The most talented actor of the group - he played the most difficult role. Half man, half "fish". His performance was UNREAL and his make-up was to die for! Burnt flesh coated his body in patterned forms which created a beautiful silhouette that fit the "native" body language of his performance.

And Ariel is a masterpiece of asexuality. Stunning stunning stunning.

I DO recommend you see it ASAP!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Red Rose Corset

I've been designing this corset for a while after getting inspired by the AMAZING line of new corsets at Maya Hansen with all of the lace and rosette appliques. My good ol' friend Tim Dennis has been pressuring me to do another photo shoot with him after our success with the Marie Antoinette Photo-shoot. So, this corset is for that project. It'll be "film noir" - sexy, dark and confident. This photo shoot is totally separate to the one I'm doing with Sarina del Fuego. She'll be modeling shots for the Etsy store and publicity. This photo shoot with Tim is more for art purposes.

This corset is an Edwardian style with a more exagerated heart shaped neckline than my normal corsets. It does up at the back and at the moment will since my waist in to 22 inches. Along the top left and bottom right edges of the corset are rosettes and sequin appliques in red and black, including mini aluminum black rosettes to scatter out towards the middle. Here is a listing of red aluminum rosettes similar to mine used in this corset.

I haven't added eyelets yet to the back to fasten it closed, so the photos are of the corset "lying flat" (well, as flat as you can get a boned curved corset).


Red Rosettes from thegildedbee on Etsy

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Think Pink!

I've been obsessed with finding pink appliques and trims on Etsy for my Pink Burlesque costume I'm desinging with a big feather skirt. Very much like the one Nicole Kidman wears in Moulin Rouge. I LOVE that big heart at the bottom of the corset on hers.

Now, I've gone through a few phases of designs for this costume. It started off with having just a big lace and sequin applique down the front with ruffles along the top and bottom, and then progressed to ruffles with a bouquet of fabric flowers, to sequins all down the front, and then it got silly.

Below is my original design with just the applique and ruffles vs. the new design with the pleated fushia ruffles, fabric bows and sequin gauze lace.

Pleated Ruffles by MaryNotMartha

Pink heart and bow lace trim from wholeport

Bugundy lace trim from suhafuha

Millinery Collection fabric flowers from Hennytj

Small Flowers by Hennytj

Pink Sequin Gauze lace from onlyee

This costume piece reminds me so much of an art project i did in highschool. I recreated a photograph I took out of pink petals.

Friday, May 6, 2011


I went fabric shopping yesterday, and I bought some stunning fabrics and trims. To accompany my Apricot corset I've designed a caplet with peach rosettes at the collar and a big Apricot bow at the front. So, to make this stunning piece I bought some sparkly sheer organza and this absolutely stunning peach rosette trim. I'm IN LOVE with the trim - there are sparkles all along the "petals" and it's just adorable.
Apricot bloomers with a lace trim around the legs are also underway.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fashion Fabrics and Trimming Suppliers in Sydney

I've been desperate to find an alternative to Lincraft and Spotlight, and the lovely Fashion College at St. George TAFE has put together a PDF of all the fabric stores in Sydney that are worthwhile. It's amazing! Everything is there - designer fabric to furs to leather to beads to millinery and even dyers. It's really worthwhile to print out and keep, just in case you're in need of something a bit different and can't find it at your local fabric megastore.


Collaboration with Sarina del Fuego

I'm so excited to be working with the gorgeous Sarina del Fuego, who will also be the new face of Missing James. This lovely dame and I are swapping favours in order to support each other and to bump up our publicity. She's asked me to help her out with her new fantabulous costume and I've asked her to model for me. Win win! There is also talk of future collaborations, which I'm extremely excited for. It may even include a trip overseas. eek!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Marie Antoinette Costume Up on Etsy

Finally, the famous Marie Antoinette Costume has been LISTED ON ETSY!

Click HERE to go to the listing.

Everything is there - the corset, the pannier, the skirt, the slip, the socks and even the shoes! Check it out!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Inspiration: Sequin Appliques

Etsy is a great cure for boredom. It's window shopping in your underwear! And everything is there - from fabric to clothes to home decor to notebooks, etc. etc. etc. It's amazing!

I've now been inspired by some AMAZING sequin appliques available on Etsy. The next couple of corsets I do will be glitzed out TO THE MAX. Much more in the spirit of burlesque.

Here are a few listings I'm IN LOVE with.

Red Bead and Sequin Applique from stitchessupplies

4 Black Venise Lace Beaded Applique with Sequins, beaded fringe by ThatPrettyPlace

Indian Sequin Peacock Appliques from FabricsAndTrims

Dark Green Fringed Sequin Appliques (for Pasties!) from Sewmanatee

Vintage Multi Coloured Beaded And Sequin Applique with Fringe by tikonaki

Cotton Candy Lace Applique from MagicalMysteryTuca

Pink Beaded Lace Applique by Sewmanatee

2 Rose Sequin Appliques by SilvermintSupplies

Peach/Gold Applique by MagicalMysteryTuca

Set of Red Venice Applique Roses with Sequins by suhafuha

Olive Applique by MagicalMysteryTuca

Pair of Black Iris Sequin Beaded Star Flower Appliques by Sewmanatee

Black Beaded Microsuede Underbust Corset with Resin Cast Crow Skull by idolatre

Multiple Colours Rhinestone Applique by paviapavia

New Fabric in the Mail

I have three lots of beautiful chiffon fabric coming in the mail. I'm so excited! They're going to turn into a few more feather trimmed cover-ups to compliment some of my corsets. I've found a GORGEOUS fabric store on Etsy called craftfabric. If you're into sewing I recommend you check it out. It has gorgeous satins, silks, chiffons - whatever dress fabrics you need. And all having very interesting patterns that you won't be able to find anywhere here in Australia - not Lincraft nor Spotlight. The designer patterns are stunning, and don't run out of stock because they have a warehouse in China with loads of it.

I picked up this beautiful blush pink chiffon with a black bow print to create a cover-up for my Tie Dye satin corset. I think the light pink will compliment the browns and creams beautifully.

 I'm debating weather I create a stark contrast and use bright red feathers as the trimming or keep it neutral and use black. 
Any ideas? Please comment!

This fabric is my favourite of the lot - pink kisses! This will be a cover-up for the "soon to be" pink corset and bloomers. It will look STUNNING with all of my pink nipple pasties - especially the sequin ones.

Of course the feather trim will be hot pink - that's a given. But it I have some inclination towards a turquoise trim.
Any thoughts? Please comment.

Last but not least, the mosaic chiffon. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this fabric because it reminds me of art. And it's very similar to the chiffon I had before that I've already made a cover-up out of. All bold colours mixed together - it's very daring. It could compliment any of my corsets because of it's mulit-coloured-ness. 

I'm thinking a light pink feather trim, or a bright red, or a white. 
Any thoughts? Please comment.