Saturday, September 4, 2010

I miss photography

Back in high school my Dad gave me his old Minolta film SLR. I loved it, and I still do. But back then I was in Toronto and only 2 doors down from my friend, Claire, who's a model. It was quite handy, especially because I was interested in fashion photography. I've scrounged up the old photos in order to inspire me to use my camera again. I have the Minolta and I also have a Pentax that needs to be used. Got some photos that need to be developed from my last trip to Canada, but it's so hard because no one shoots on film anymore.

I also used the darkroom at school, which is probably why I loved photography so much. At the moment I have no access to a darkroom, but I've promised myself that when I move out and get a decent house I'm gonna make myself a darkroom so I can go back to making beautiful prints. For now I'll have to settle with Big W prints.

Well, I thought I'd share a few photos with you from the past. It might take a few posts.

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